Training for a CODE

Setting up for a Code training

You never know when your team gets that call, a Code.

Everyone has to take action to run a code properly. For everyone to know what to do we need to train. APV meets every Wednesday in Anchorage for BLS training. All our trainings are state approved for EMT CME’s.

We have two classrooms for training and over 2000 sq ft of space to set up many kinds of training environments. From confined space to stairs to friendly classroom instruction.

IV arm training

Here we have EMT’s and nurses set up a simulated IV for our coding patient. Training like this allows the ALS team to practice on their skills and the BLS crew works on strengthening their skills while learning the ALS process.

BLS code training

Here the BLS team works on drills with an training AED and BVM while maintaining C-spine.

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