2013 Alaska State Fair! Time to sign up.

APV covers a concert

Medical coverage at one of the concerts

As you may or may not know Alaska Professional Volunteers runs the 24/7 medical clinic at the Alaska State Fair. We also provide medical coverage to many of the specific events and concerts. Basicly on the Fair Grounds we are in charge of EMS. If you are interested in volunteering with APV we have many shifts available and will accept first aiders on up. Feel free to use our online form and you will be contacted.

There are roving and clinic hours available for EMT’s, RN’s, MD’s even First Aiders.

Sign up here: Alaska State Fair Sign Up

There are many reasons to work the fair with APV beyond just the medical experience.

  • You get to see the fair, sort of an all area pass while you are working.

    Doing inventory at the log cabin

  • You get to see many of the shows.
  • If you work enough hours you can “earn” tickets so that you can attend on your off time.
  • APV has room to sleep (BYO sleeping bag, etc) for overnight/multi day shifts.
  • APV operates a kitchen with many meals prepared by our own expert cooks and lots of food is provided.

Shifts run from August 21th until September 3rd.

All operations are run from the log cabin on the Fair Grounds. We always need more people on the weekend evenings and during the midweek. Contact us through this link, call us or join us each wednesday at 7pm at 5700 Old Seward in Anchorage (on the north west corner of the building)

Medical dispatch.

Sign up here: Alaska State Fair Sign Up

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