About Us

Mission Statement

Alaska Professional Volunteers, Inc. is committed to providing Emergency Medical care for those in need. We are dedicated to the concern for the needs of others and respect for human life.

We are committed to maintaining Professional Standards, a proper attitude and a strong desire to provide uncompromising care and comfort. We accept the obligation to do and to know what is necessary in order to fulfill our dedicated purposes.

“We are willing to commit resources necessary to maintain the skills to carry out these purposes. Our concern for the patient’s needs shall be first and foremost.” Lura Wallace Founder of Alaska Professional Volunteers, Inc. 1984

“The sign of a true Professional is one that can agree to disagree and continue to work together in a Professional manner for the common good of the Patient, Community and the Organization.” Roy Sursa – President of Alaska Professional Volunteers, Inc.


Alaska Professional Volunteers is a non-profit organization consisting of both new and experienced Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-I, EMT-II, EMT-III) and Emergency Trauma Technicians certified by the State of Alaska as well as First Aiders.  The organization provides for the Emergency Medical Care provider all but the basic personal equipment.

The Organization has been providing Emergency Medical Standby Services for the community since June 1984.  The community expects from our membership a level of professionalism that is not available from any other organization. They have come to depend upon us to provide the best possible Emergency Medical Standby Services available.

To ensure that we provide the quality of service expected of us, Alaska Professional Volunteers operates with a strict set of Bylaws, Standing Orders and Protocols. These are equivalent to or higher than what the State of Alaska requires for its certified medical professionals. Our members are required to maintain certifications for all of the services we provide.  None of our members participating in an event will perform above his/her level of training.

As of January 1, 1998 we began accepting applications for membership at the levels other than EMT.

At all times we will have an EMT-I or higher to supervise or instruct.


  • We provide Emergency Medical Standby and Medical aid stations for community events.
  • We provide communication support for community events.
  • We assist in planning for community events, mass disaster and natural disasters, and assist in training for the unexpected.

Continuing Education:

  • We provide the Anchorage area with proctors and victims for CPR, ATLS, EMS and EMT practical.
  • We provide Emergency Medical Training, equipment selection and use.
  • We promote continuing, specialized education through presentations and by assisting with public contacts, training and back-up for other groups around the state.

Additional Community Involvement:

  • We also provide the opportunity to participate in further training by working with the hospitals in our area.

Major Annual Projects Supported by APV:

  • Alaska State Fair, Palmer — Staff full time for Medical Services
  • State EMT-I Practical Exams for UAA Classes — Provide both proctors and victims
  • State EMT-II Practical Exams  – Provide both proctors and victims
  • Mayor Midnight Sun Marathon and associate races — Treat over 300 patients and provide all level of services
  • Iditarod Sled Dog Race, Anchorage / Eagle River — Provide Medical Stand-by Services at several locations along the trail.
  • Run for Women — Provide both on the trail, in the finish chutes, and aid station services
  • Walk For Life — Provide Emergency Medical Services
  • Providence Hospital Picnic and other Picnics– Provide Emergency Medical Services
  • Hunter and Jumper events both in Anchorage and Palmer (2) — Provide Emergency Medical Services
  • Equestrian Events both in Anchorage and Palmer(7) — Provide Emergency Medical Services
  • Motocross Racing — Provide Emergency Medical Services
  • Stock Car Racing in both Wasilla and on the Alaska State Fair Grounds

Training Services:

  • American Heart Association — All levels of CPR and Instructors
  • American Red Cross — All levels of CPR and First Aid

Annual Membership Dues:

As an active “Member in Good Standing” of the group you can receive the following benefits:

  • The Organization provides for each event and the Emergency Medical Provider all of the equipment and supplies needed, excluding your personal equipment.
  • Annual CPR renewal (BLS level) — value of $85.00
  • Annual EMT-I re-certification class — value of $250.00 plus
  • Ongoing training for CME (continuing Medical Education Units) Valued at $10.00 per hour for free for “Members in Good Standing”.
  • Ongoing opportunities not only to practice your skills and increase your practical knowledge, but also to put your training to use for Community Service
  • Prepare yourself for further advancement as an Instructor in CPR, First Aid and all other American Heart Association classes.
  • Experience many aspects of the Emergency Medical field
  • Opportunities to participate in the UAA EMT classes to enhance your skills
  • Prepare yourself for further advancement as an EMT-II, EMT-III or higher
  • Opportunity to have a Physician Sponsor at EMT-I, II and III level
  • We assist our Members in Good Standing with gaining entrance into more advanced programs (Paramedic, Physician Assistant, Doctors, Nursing and many more).

General Membership Annual Dues: $50.00 (dues can be paid in semiannual payments of $25.00 in March and September or in full in September) plus $56.00 for uniform shirt (to be purchased initially but will be purchased back at $30.00 with no more than normal wear).

The $50.00 Initial Membership Dues is non-refundable. With your acceptance to the General Membership by the APV Board of Directors the remaining dues is due.

For your Initial Annual Dues of $50.00 + $56.00 you receive the following:

  • Uniform Shirt Valued at $56.00 Returned for $30.00 refund at departure
  • Annual CPR renewal (BLS level) — value of $85.00
  • Annual EMT-B re-certification class — value of $250.00 plus
  • Ongoing training for CME (continuing Medical Education Units) Valued at $10.00 per hour for free (possibility of 100 hours).
  • For a Total of Minimum $450.00 value per year (if you take advantage of the offerings).

Our Training meetings are every Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M. We meet at 5700 Old Seward Hwy. Suite 101A.

For a monthly training calendar select training from our home page.

Our Monthly Business Meetings are the First Tuesday of every month (September is second Tuesday) at 7:00 P.M. We meet at 5700 Old Seward Hwy. Suite 101A. Please be on time!!!!